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Follow Bryony's journey as she takes part in our Summer NCS programme

My name is Bryony Leddy and I live in Sedbergh. I am 16 years old and have just finished my GCSE's at The Queen Katherine School.

After 6th form I'd like to go to university to study medicine and hopefully become a doctor some day.

I've always wanted to do NCS ever since I heard about it last year in a citizenship lesson at school. It looked so fun to meet loads of new people and spend three weeks doing different and exciting things.  

I was so worried that this summer I'd be bored, so NCS seems like a great way to spend my July this summer. I've been told it'll look good on my CV, but there's so much more to me wanting to take part in NCS. I'm hoping to learn lots of new skills, enjoy myself and make friends for life.

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