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Our Wave 2 blogger Bryony tells us about life on week one of NCS...

On Monday we arrived at Aberdovey Outward Bound Centre. Once we had unloaded our stuff, the first thing we did was jog down to the beach and told to walk into the water holding hands.

We had to be silent before any of us could dip our heads in. We all dipped our heads in and motivated each other to do it. It was cold...(very!) but quite exhilarating at the same time.

On the second day we got a train to Barmouth and walked up steep hills until we reached some Craggs. At the Craggs had a go at scrambling. We worked as a team and 'spotted' each other to make sure we were safe. In the evening we packed and prepped for the expedition the next day; organising our bags and essential equipment.

The third day involved getting a bus to Penhelig where we got kitted out to canoe. We then drove to the starting destination and got paired up by our instructor, Joe. Once we'd partnered up we got the hang of steering and rowing. It was quite scary at the start but we eventually got the hang of it.

Landing on the beach once we'd finished canoeing was really fun. It was great to have accomplished the canoeing, which is something I've never done before. 

In the afternoon we got a bus to a log cabin. It wasn't what we expected and there was no toilets... the only option was wild weeing! 

Some of us chopped wood whilst the others cooked tea. Our tea included packets which were heated in a pan. It was a very different experience eating out a packet but luckily it didn't taste that bad! 

After tea we went exploring then came back to light a fire and had some fun chats with hot chocolate. The beds were made of wood with no mattresses but we were all tired, so sleeping on it wasn't too much of a problem.

It was an early wake up the next morning. Again, we ate food from packets to fuel ourselves for the expedition walk. With our big bags and waterproof clothes, we were ready to go. 

We led the way ourselves using maps and by working together with our team leaders and organisers. The rain was what made it difficult, and also the steep hills. We motivated each other and eventually made it to the pick up point with 2 hours to spare! It was great to be sat down dry on a bus. 

We were all dying for a shower when we got back to the OB Centre but we had to 'de-gunge' our kit first. By working together and taking-on individual roles we got it done efficiently and then sprinted for the showers. 

After tea we made rockets to shoot on the last day. The evenings were fun because we got free time to chat to new people and chill in the common rooms.

On the last day, Friday, we packed our bags and went out with the whole wave to shoot our rockets. Our group's speech was about our highlights and achievements, one of which was our team leader Andy skimming stones and slipping over in the mud! 

Our rocket won and we said our final goodbyes and got on the coaches to head back home. The ride home was eventful and fun.

Personally, the most challenging time for me was the first night being away from home and being around people I didn't know. I felt quite alone at first but once I got to know my team I felt really happy. 

I have made some amazing friends and I've enjoyed being around all of them. I'm looking forward to meeting up with everybody again for week two.

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