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This week, our blogger Bryony tries independence on for size

We arrived at University of Cumbria's Ambleside campus at around lunchtime on Monday. It was so good to see all my NCS team again! 

Our first mission of the day was to take a tour around the campus and unpack our bags. We then decided to get into teams within our group and do 'Come Dine With Me' for tea each night. 

On Tuesday we had a talk about sustainable food and tested out a new app called Map Your Meal. It was interesting to see how different foods affect the environment and economy.

We also worked with The Knotted Project, trying out physical theatre. I thought I'd be too worried what people thought, but we all joined in and had fun. We acted out funny stories from week one in Aberdovey. 

That night It was my team's turn to make tea. We bought the food from the shop with our budget and made chicken korma with rice and naan breads. It cost less than £15 so we were pretty happy, plus it was just about edible! 

On Wednesday we had talks on budgeting and finance; talking about uni life. It was a chance for us all to think about how we will cope at university. We also had a talk with our group about what we wanted to do for our social action project next week and started to make a few plans. 

On Thursday we had a talk about democracy and politics. In the afternoon, after we'd made our lunch (consisting of beans, toast, Pot Noodles and other easy meals) we headed to the park with two other groups to do a mini Olympics. 

The weather was sunny which was nice because we also had chance to chill in the sun. In the evening we ordered pizza because we'd managed to keep our budget low all week, so we had some money leftover. In the late evening we all went to the park and played games. It was nice to all be together despite the midges biting us!

On Friday we cleared our rooms and tidied the kitchen. We then went up to the campus and played some games. We also reflected on our week before saying goodbye and heading home.

I really enjoyed seeing my team again and spending time with them in the evenings. I particularly enjoyed the quizzes - mostly because me, Rachel and Lauren won!

Next week I'm looking forward to giving back to the community. I'd love to help out with young people, maybe visiting primary schools to deliver talks about issues like online safety. I'd like to volunteer at a hospital too, or at a care home where I can talk to the elderly and keep them company.

By the way, my team came last in the Come Dine With Me challenge. I don't blame our group for not rating us very highly though... we've all tasted better chicken korma!!!

Bryony 😊

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